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Voles are normally found digging underground burrows, living in field and meadows. But like you, they do like large expansive landscapes with ample watering and vegetation. Short and stocky, adult voles have a stout body that can be 5” to 8” long. Their fur is dark brown to black, they have short powerful legs, a short, fur-covered tail, small beady eyes and short ears. They are cautious, and you may rarely see one of these sly little pests stick their noses out of their dirt mound to sniff you out.

Are voles dangerous?

Voles are normally only dangerous to large open lawns and tend to invade property landscaped areas with plenty of vegetation for them to feed and live off of. Voles love growing families and develop colonies and are active and breed aggressively all year-long. It’s a safe bet that a small vole problem can become a very seriously large vole infestation problem, and at your expense.

Can I get rid of voles myself?

We do not recommend do it yourself wildlife removal with a vole infestation and usually will leads to nothing more than a quick re-infestation. Voles are very difficult to get rid of and usually have an established vole population on your property by the time you realize there’s a infestation problem.

Our wildlife removal experts at Flea Master have experience in detection of these pests and can quickly schedule an inspection to provide you with a customized plan fit specifically to your needs to humanely remove and control voles living on your property.

Ask about our Flea Master Pest Control Program to learn more about eliminating the nuisance and damage these pests do to your property. This plan offers you a fair battle against voles, and will allow you to reclaim your property.

Our program includes:

  • Detailed inspection of your home or business.
  • A wildlife removal treatment in targeted areas where vole activity is present.
  • We schedule a follow-up service call to include quarterly interior and/or exterior service visits.

How soon can you get there?

Flea Master Pest Control Solutions knows how stressful vole problems can be for home and business owners. We are committed to helping our customers control and eliminate pest problems as quickly as possible, and in most instances Flea Master Technicians are able to respond to service requests the same day or the very next day.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. Flea Master utilizes natural products, baits and mechanical means as a form of treatment as much as possible. We follow very stringent product use guidelines so that it poses no threat to people, pets or plants. We practice methods for removal of vole infestations that are humanely controlled without danger to you, your family or pets.

How do I prevent future infestations?

The best solution for a role infestation is to get IMMEDIATE help to remove a vole infestation as quickly as possible without further damage to your property.