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A mole is a ground-dwelling animals and a species of insectivore that lives underneath your yard and property. Like you, they love fruit and vegetable gardens, lush landscapes. But these unwanted invisible guests can be a little nightmare for you causing significant damages to residential or commercial lawns and landscaping.

Oklahoma moles, also known as Eastern moles grow to be about 6 to 7” in length and this includes their short stubby, bare tail. Their fur is a brownish black color. They have a round head, very small eyes with no external openings and no external ears. They also have front feet that are large and rounded with oversized claws for digging thru soil, carving out tunnels and underground nesting for their families.

Are moles dangerous?

Moles live under the ground and rarely come into direct contact with people and are not known to spread any diseases. They do, however, cause significant and costly damages to lawns, fields, flower beds, gardens, golf courses, and parks. Moles are creatures that work year round, day and night which only increases the amount of damage that they can cause to a property.

Can I get rid of moles myself?

We do not recommend do it yourself wildlife removal with mole infestations. Moles live, feed and breed underground making it very difficult to control or get rid of without damage to underground utilities, sprinkler systems, landscapes, and lawns. Our wildlife removal experts at Flea Master can schedule a thorough inspection and a mole control program customized to your needs to humanely control moles living on your property.

Our Flea Master Pest Control Program will help you battle against moles and allow you to reclaim your property. Give us a call to see how we can help to eliminate the nuisance and damage these pests do to your yard. Your neighbors will thank you!

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. Flea Master utilizes natural products, baits and mechanical means as a form of treatment as much as possible. We follow very stringent product use guidelines so that it poses no threat to people, pets or plants. We practice methods for removal of mole infestations that are humanely controlled without danger to you, your family or pets.

How do I prevent future infestations?

Moles choose your property to invade because of their ground swelling nature and there is no cost-effective way to prevent it. The best solution for a pocket gopher infestation is to get help to remove this infestation as quickly as possible without further damage to your property. Signs for infestations are:

  • You may notice damage to your lawn with random golf-ball size holes with tunnels running across your lawn.
  • You may also find horseshoe shape mounds, damage to your plants, trees, and bulbs.

These are all key signs you have a substantial problem. Contact the wildlife removal experts at Flea Master to consult with you on your
special needs.