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Chiggers are the larval stage of parasitic mites that bite and borough and feed on the blood of warm blooded animals. Closely related to ticks and spiders, these pests have the same four stages of development; egg, larva, nymph and finally adult.

What do they look like?

Chiggers are are less than 1/150th of inch and barely visible to the naked eye. They are red and have six legs in this larval stage, and migrate in large clusters. They will drop off and eventually become an eight legged adult mite.

When do I need to worry about them?

Chiggers hatch in the spring and remain an issue until cool weather. Adult chiggers are active in shady, grassy and weedy areas in the early spring when the females leave their eggs. These eggs hatch into tiny larvae (chiggers) and migrate onto vegetation and attach themselves to hosts, find a hair follicle or skin pore, and attach themselves to their host.

Are they dangerous?

Chiggers don’t carry diseases, nor do they feed on blood but actually inject an enzyme into their host’s skin which causing skin cells to rupture creating fluids that can be consumed by the chigger. The Chiggers bite usually forms a small red welt and it’s very itchy and are encountered after a rainfall after they migrate up vegetation shafts to escape high water.

How do I prevent chigger bites?

Use these prevention treatments to reduce the likelihood of being bit by Chiggers:

  • Use personal insect repellent on your socks, pant legs and shoes.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to keep any insect that is on your clothing away from your skin.
  • Avoid sitting on the ground.
  • Keep landscaping and grass trimmed back.
  • Avoid shady areas and tall grass, especially after a rain.

Can I get rid of Chiggers by myself?

Do-it-yourself spray is very impractical when trying to control Chiggers. Most over the counter chemicals are dangerous and in-effective at best. The areas to be treated would be large and hard to control on an as needed basis. This method of chigger control and elimination is inefficient and non-effective in most every case of do-it-yourself treatments.

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