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Meet Our Owner - Sam Folmar

In 2001 Sam Folmar purchased Flea-Master, an extermination company that was started in 1983. Sam holds several licenses, including an Ornamental and Turf license and a Commercial Pesticide license, issued by the Department of Agriculture. These licenses allow him to treat outdoor spaces and ensures that he understands the different chemicals used and the effects of said chemicals. Sam also continues his education annually and attends classes for new chemicals and how to appropriately use them. Sam’s chief concern is for the safety of his clients and uses only natural, non-toxic, people and pet safe pesticides. In the midst of Covid-19, Sam uses all required PPE (personal protective equipment), including a mask, gloves and shoe booties when entering your home. Sam has over 20 years experience and has learned how to identify Oklahoma pests, such as ticks, ants, spiders, termites, bees, wasps and occasional invaders. He has been trained in many different species, learning their habits and where to look for them. Sam enjoys helping his clients have peace of mind about pests in and around their home.

A funny story from Sam, 

While spraying a yard a few years ago, he came upon something that looked like a tumbleweed. Upon further inspection, this 18 to 24 inch diameter ball was none other than granddaddy long legs bundled together in a breeding frenzy! It was bizarre! That was the first and last time Sam had come across this phenomenon of nature.